Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sol Dia by Sadie Lou Who

It's been 2 years since I have felt a desire to express myself through art. We had a fire in the rental house we were living in. It was seriously the most traumatic experience. We stood on the lawn with our neighbors, in our pajamas, watching as firefighters rushed into our home with hoses and axes.

When the ladder truck pulled up, I took our kids and loaded them up into the car and drove to my mom and dad's house. I couldn't bear to witness the destruction of the home we loved or our personal belongings. In the end, much of our things were spared. The firefighters gathered much of what we own that could be effected and piled it up so they could throw tarps over it. Then, our insurance company (YAY for renter's insurance! If you don't have it, GET IT) carefully and meticulously packed everything we own and took it to their warehouse for cleaning and repair.
We were able to go back to the house for a short time and get clothes and a few important papers we couldn't live without.
I glanced at my craft studio as I was leaving and wondered what was going to happen to all my little bits and pieces.
We lived in one hotel for a month and then a different hotel for another month or so while we looked for rental house. We found one, moved into it and then had all of our stuff shipped to us from our insurance company. My studio stuff has sat in boxes ever since.

*Sol Dia*
My grandfather was Hispanic and my grandmother was Bohemian. You can take one look at my Pinterest Boards and see that this heritage combination has influenced me a great deal! I called my grandma "Bowie". What a classy lady she was! My sisters and I spent a lot of time at their house and would often beg my folks to let us stay the night with them too. My grandma decorated with a very Art Deco/Mexican spirit. She was inspired by the design of the 1920s which totally explains why I gravitate towards that as well.
She also wore a lot of jewelry and loved anything that sparkled. This, combined with the fact they owned a Mexican restaurant that I lived in and worked at my whole life, has really influenced everything about what inspires me as an artist. I see their fingerprints in so much of what I am drawn to. So this year, in honor of my heritage and my grandparents, I am crafting and expressing myself artistically under the banner "Sol Dia" which translates: "Sol" = Sun and "Dia" = Day. Sunday. The day of rest. (Sunday in Spanish is "Domingo"-I totally know that)
Journey with me as my art is born out of ashes, so to speak, and I take on my new artistic expression...Sol Dia.
~Sadie Lou

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