Friday, May 9, 2014

Sadie Lou Who Loves Jam Fancy

I really cannot express to you how much being an artist means you also love art. You don't just need to create your own art but you actually thrive just by looking at the artistic expressions of others. When you see something you admire, your heart is responding to it and your mind is forming a connection.
This is how I feel about "Jam Fancy".
Art is a funny thing. When I look at Christina Gordon's art, it's a familiar feeling. She likes what like. She is inspired by what inspires me. I love the vintage feel, I love the color palate, I love everything about it and yet, there is an element of surprise. It's this surprise that makes me love it. It's "me" in the way that I respond to it--but it's not me in the sense that I never would have thought of it. It is unique to Christina.
Here is a few links for Jam Fancy...
The Website
The Flickr

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