Monday, January 25, 2016

Book Review: NOS4A2 by Joe Hill

Oh boy, where to start. I believe I need to start with Joe Hill's daddy, Mr. Stephen King, my all-time favorite author forever and ever.
When I found out King's son was writing novels, I was skeptical. I decided I had enough *new* Stephen King to keep me fed.
But then I was at the library and I saw the cover for NOS4A2 and I thought, "Hmmm, what if?"
So I brought it home and I cracked it open and Oh. My. Gawd.
I was not prepared. *no spoilers*
So, I was totally sucked in and I wasn't entirely sure I was comfortable. This was my first go around and I wasn't sure if Hill could be trusted! There were a few times I wanted off--I closed the book after a couple of scenes and wasn't sure I was going to open it back up again but I'll tell you when the whole thing flipped for me: I fell in love with the protagonist, Vic. Not at first--it was a slow love. Hill brought in a friendship that developed between two girls and I saw Hill's sweet side (up until then, it was mostly gruesome and grim). The sweet side I REALLY loved. Then Hill brought in two more characters that I fell head over heals in love with--so much so I found myself mind chatting "I hope he doesn't kill them, please don't die!"
I do this during King's novels too. I fall in love with people and pray that they don't die because my heart would burst.
This story that Hill wrote is so imaginative, so original, I have never read anything like it. It was disgusting, horrifying, fascinating, endearing, raw

I just straight up LOVED it. I have "Heart Shaped Box" sitting on my night stand right now and that's going to get started tonight!
So just know that this book is not for the faint of heart--it's not for people that can't handle violence or cuss words or intensity. It's a horror novel first but it's also a great character study and full of heart.I'm so excited to have found a new favorite author and it thrills me that we're keepin' it in the family! <3 xox

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