Friday, February 12, 2016

The Joy of New Bookstores When You're Traveling

I cannot even begin to express into words the anticipation I feel when I arrive in a new town and the possibility of bookstores awaits. In the car, I pull up "bookstores" in my phone and I pour over Yelp reviews, photos and descriptions. Every year, my husband and I take the kiddos on a beach vacation. We rent a house and hole up in some sleepy beach town for a whole week. This year, it was Arcata, CA. Arcata and Eureka are sorta right next to each other so I had two towns worth of bookstores. This first one, Northtown Books is in downtown Arcata.

 It was SUPER cute inside and I loved the layout inside. I bought "Newt's Emerald" by Garth Nix and a little pin with Shakespeare's mug on it. They give out up to three, free bookmarks with every purchase--LOVE that!

Next we crossed the street to the used bookstore in Arcata and I have to say: I don't hate very many bookstores, but I hated this bookstore. The way they organized the books was atrocious. I was looking for a complete set of the Chronicles of Narnia like I had when I was a kid and they had them-they were just all broken up and strewn about. My son and I sat on the floor trying to create a full set but...I got frustrated and we left. Here's the horror section: No joke, it was all Stephen King. (A few Koontz thrown in for good measure).

 I'm inserting my photo of this Creepshow poster I saw at a very old theater in downtown Eureka. So cool. I think it was the first scary movie I ever saw and wouldn't you know it--Stephen King had something to do with it.
 This was a darling bookstore in Eureka called "Bootleggers". Isn't that a clever name? My hubby bought me a set of the Lord of The Rings Trilogy with the covers I've been wanting. I haven't taken their portrait yet. I saw this Hobbit book too-it was illustrated and pretty!
We got there like 5 minutes before they closed which made me kinda sad.

 Then, the cherry on the top was this bookstore called Eureka Books. It was in a very cool, old building. Every bookstore reading this blog should be saying, "Bookstore goals!"
They offered new and used books.

 I fell in love with the cover of this book! I added it to my Goodreads--wait, no I forgot. I'm going to do it right now! (you should follow me on there. I try to review all the books I read and don't read-as in, not finish. *DNF)

 Oh man, how *cool* is this bookstore? I wish it was closer. *sniff*

Does anyone read H.P Lovecraft? I really want to, Stephen King loves him, but I think I tried once and it was kind of over my head. How beautiful is this book cover, though?

 I have seen this book hundreds of times on my Instagram feed. I hope it's as good as it looks. Great cover, great title and the edges of the pages were black! So cool. I need it.

So that's my bookstore tour. I was in heaven. It's one of my all time favorite things to do on a vacation. ~Sadie

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