Wednesday, March 23, 2016

500 Followers Giveaway!

So this morning I hit 500 followers on my Instagram, or should I say, "Bookstagram".
Then it was 498, then 499, then it just went back to 500. I think a lot of Spam accounts follow people with the hopes that people will follow back and when they don't, they unfollow you. In any event, I wanted to have this giveaway when I hit 500. I think it should be mentioned, I started posting photos to Instagram like 3 years ago. It was my personal account until I realized that I was mostly sharing photos of books and following people who shared photos of books so I decided to turn the whole thing into a Bookstagram. I think there are still a few family members and friends hanging on to see if I post any pictures of the kiddos or my husband but that's what Facebook is for. *wink*
So here is what I want to give away to one of my ever-so-loyal followers...

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