Wednesday, March 9, 2016

My Writing Life...

My husband and I watch a show on the Food Network called "Food Truck Road Race". Basically, 8 groups of people are given the opportunity to compete for 50,000 and a state-of-the-art food truck. For many of the contestants, this is their life goal. All they have ever wanted is a food truck.

I have an idea: How about a "Published Novel Road Race"? I'll compete for 50,000 and a published novel! In fact, I'll do anything but actually sit down and write the gosh darn thing myself.


This is not entirely how I feel but right now, with another Wednesday staring at me with all it's time and potential, I want more than anything to actually write for hours on end without getting distracted by the Downton Abbey finale I haven't watched yet, or the laundry, or these bookmarks I want to make or snacks I need to eat or #bookstagram...

There are 101 things my brain will consider doing besides write my novel. Why?
The pie chart in the image says it all. I found it on tumblr and it totally resonated with me. There's so much to worry about when you're writing. Lately, I've been worrying that I'm writing the whole story in the wrong point of view.
I think I'm a better writer when I write from inside...
Should I change it this far in?

That's such a daunting thought but wouldn't it be worth it if the story is better?
But then I think about all the other books I read that are not in First Person and they are so well done, so why can't I just stay in the POV I'm already in?
So many questions.
And these are the mini conflicts that begin as soon as I sit down and roll up my sleeves. But TODAY, I'm going to drop my son off at school and I'm going to come home and I'm not going to jump on Twitter, or tumblr, or Instagram, or Facebook or Pinterest, or Netflix...NO.
I'm going to open that blank page and I'm going to attack it with enthusiasm.


If you have so pep talk in you, please share in the comments. Thanks!

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