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The Dreamer by E J Mellow

The Dreamer by E J Mellow
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Imagine your life. You're young, you live on your own. You have a good job and get to work with your best friend. You're dating this guy that makes you swoon every time you think about him. For your birthday, he takes you to dinner and gives you a pretty, silver charm bracelet. That night, right before you go inside your apartment building, you are struck by lightening and your whole world as you know it, changes.
I didn't know quite what to expect from the Dreamer. I follow the author on Instagram and fell in love with the cover design of the whole Dreamland Series.
I offered to do a cover reveal for the last book in the trilogy-still not really knowing what the whole storyline was. Then I got to receive the books in the mail for an honest review! I felt so elated and lucky!
I started reading the first book and four days later, I'm done because I was sad when I had to put it down! I love it so much!
I really don't want to give too much away because I think it's fun to go into a story blind-not really knowing too much about it. E J Mellow introduces you to the mind of Molly, our protagonist. Her life is pretty normal and we live it out with her for the first few chapters getting to know her. We like Molly. We *really* like Molly's love interest, Jared. He's niiiice.
A major event happens in Molly's life which brings us to this whole other *world* with other *love interests* and before we know it, we, the readers, are torn between Team Jared and Team Dev, which is really fun-getting to live vicariously through Molly's make-out sessions with each of them. E J Mellow expertly writes GREAT make-out sessions! Hahahah
But this story isn't just about Molly's romantic endeavors. It's also about a story bigger than Molly unfolding right before her eyes--it's taking control of her life and forcing her to be something she's not sure she can handle. I loved watching everything come together at the end and then so happy to get to the big cliffhanger because I already have book two in my hot little hands!
So excited to find out what happens to Molly both in her *real* life and her *dream* life! I highly recommend this book. It's a fast, fun read. Fans of the Hunger Games, the Divergent Series and the Maze Runner series would love starting the Dreamland Series. The Dreamer hooks you right in and leaves you wanting more!
I would say this is for mature YA readers-15 and older (some mature, sexy stuff!)

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