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Hell's Teeth Review

Hell's Teeth (Phoebe Harkness, #1)Hell's Teeth by James Fahy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is my first James Fahy read but it will not be my last! Fahy has an amazingly intimate way of telling a story-his narration style draws you in and makes you feel like you are *exactly* the person he wanted to write this book for.
So many times I found myself re-reading certain lines because they were either especially funny or unusually frightening and that's where I lived, emotionally, while reading this book--either in lighthearted comedy or fear and that's a delicate balance to strike!
The main character, Phoebe Harkness is my new best friend. Witty, stubborn, curious, smart as a whip, you fall instantly in live with this girl, *probably why it's so hard to watch her life come unraveled before your eyes, she's so relatable. Starting with a mysterious encounter with a sexy vampire named Allesandro, Phoebe is pulled in to a world that she used to study from the outside--the world that James Fahy expertly created, New Oxford.
Co-existing in this strange, apocalyptic environment are GOs (Genetic Others), Pales, Bonewalkers and humans. I love how Fahy found creative ways to reveal backstory about how all of these contrasting species came about without huge, awkward info dumps. As new characters entered the scene and crazy stuff starts happening to Phoebe, I obviously had all these questions and by the end of the book, everything is sufficiently explained. I loved that! I'm so tired of reading books where the author either expects the reader to keep reading without enough information *or* throws everything down at the reader all at once. This story manages to do all the world building and backstory with comfortable ease relative to the immediate plot. So cool.
All of Fahy's characters are fleshed out too, none of these crazy names nobody can pronounce or remember and a sufficient cast of memorable characters--those that are there to support and assist our protagonist and those that want to hunt her down and harm her (eek!)
Warning to female readers: Prepare to fall in love with a vampire all over again! I haven't loved a vampire since early Anne Rice books but now I have a new vamp-crush! (you'll know him when you meet him) *wink*
I'm so excited for a sequel! There better be a sequel! I want more.

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