Monday, August 22, 2016

Horns by Joe Hill Book Review

HornsHorns by Joe Hill
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I had a hard time deciding if I wanted to give this a 3 star rating or a 4 star rating and then state that it was a 3.5
Maybe this was 4 stars? I'm a bit on the fence.
Regardless, if you enjoy Joe Hill's writing, this is a must read. I enjoyed it all the way through. It almost felt like 2 different books because for the first half of the book, I thought it was going in a different direction and then after a few plot twists, it went for this whole other story line, which to be honest, felt a little muddy towards the end. Hence, the 3.5 stars.
The premise of the book, a man wakes up with budding horns protruding from his head and the ability to hear people's innermost, wretched thoughts and desires, is an original one with so much potential.
I was very excited to see where Hill was going to take the main character with his new found situation. Hill brings in a small cast of characters that he develops quite nicely, especially the antagonist, Lee.
We deliciously and passionately get to HATE, Lee.
There's a bit of mixed bag of emotions I went through reading this book and I'm glad for that. It kept me wanting more the whole time. Quick, fast paced read with just a bit of muddiness with the story towards the end. Overall, I recommend it.

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