Sunday, November 27, 2016

Book Review: Blackbirds-Chuck Wendig

BlackbirdsBlackbirds by Chuck Wendig
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Damn. I was *not* expecting this. Where to even start?
I loved this book.
We'll start there. Perhaps by the warnings I pass on, you'll hear the reasons why I love this book too?
The main character, Miriam Black, is disgusting, rude, immoral and has *the* foulest mouth in all of literature but damn if I don't love this girl.
This book is told in parts. Like a 3 act play.
We have several literary devices: The main story, interludes, dreams and personal accounts. All of those serving to further the story and give us dimensional layering and character development without big, awkward info dumps. Super smart storytelling techniques on Wendig's part. I loved that.
The "bad guys" in this story were so great--I could almost read an entire spin-off series on just Harriet or Ingersoll.
(just an aside: my favorite part was when we saw glimpses into Ingersoll's past or Harriet's and then got Miriam's reaction to the story)
Everything is just so clever! Even the chapter headings made me snicker.
Okay but I would feel bad if I didn't give you guys some warnings, just because I have to give honest reviews.
It's graphic. It's violent. It's raw and uncut. It does not spare details. It's FULL of cussing and uncomfortable terminology.
But it's a story and the these are the author's characters and this is who they are in the context of this crazy (beautiful) story. And I loved it.
You know, I would also be doing you a disservice if I didn't also tell you that this book has heart. In all the gore and immorality and craziness, there is so much to be said for Wendig's ability to find a place for us to fall in love with these broken people. Especially Miriam and unforgettably, my favorite character Louis. Man, he's just the best from the moment he enters the story.
I approve this book with two thumbs up and I'm so excited this is a series! There's MORE! Yay!

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