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Book Review: Mockingbird

Mockingbird (Miriam Black, #2)Mockingbird by Chuck Wendig
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Mockingbird is the second book in the Miriam Black series. The first book was about introductions. Wendig introduced us to Miriam Black, her crazy past, her uncertain future and most importantly, the paranormal gift/curse she carries with her. I fell in love with her--she has this wild disposition and she's crude and takes every opportunity to challenge people and push boundaries (especially when we don't think she should)
In Mockingbird, the introductions are over. Miriam Black is who she is and she isn't going to change. Her love interest, Louis from the previous book is surprisingly still around (YAY! Because we *love* Louis). Instead of using her curse to exploit people, Miriam is given the opportunity to use her gift to help people. This opportunity takes Miriam further than she thought she would go and puts her life in danger (again).
This being the second book, I felt like Wendig is more at home with his protagonist. She became more fleshed out--complicated. I began to feel the layers and layers of emotional intensity she brings to the story. As the reader, I become even more invested in her which created risk. This book felt dangerous and unpredictable.
I loved every minute of it.
We also got to see Wendig's skill in setting and plot development. Wendig's wheelhouse is dialog--we get huge doses of that in book one.
So it's exciting to see a more elaborate plot this time around with a tangible setting.
(I'm clearly talking circles around the plot because I think it's more fun to go into a book without knowing the details)
My favorite part of this book is Miriam Black. She's a scene stealer. Her biting wit, sarcasm, inappropriate humor, will to survive, fierce spirit and this compulsive need to protect people is the real propelling force of the story. I just like to see what happens to her--I'd read any book with her in it because she fascinates me. The pace of these two books is fast--faster than any books I've ever read and Wendig never wastes words--everything that happens is moving the story forward. Every chapter break ends with a hook for the next and I literally cannot stop reading sometimes. I have to force myself to sleep or eat or pay attention to the family.
Ha! I don't own the third book yet, so that's going on the Christmas list. Well done, Wendig. You have given me a new favorite series and a new favorite female.

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