Saturday, January 7, 2017

Blog Party: The Nocturnal Reader's Box Unboxing!

Welcome to my blog party! Please settle in, make yourself at home *pours you a glass of wine or a drink of your choice--coffee for me, it's early* I'm excited to reveal to you the contents of the box that I have been eagerly awaiting. The theme for January is "From Beyond the Grave". I love that the makers of this subscription box have tailored a box specifically for lovers of horror,  science fiction and dark fantasy; the dark and twisted. The box arrived on my doorstep, safe and sound. The contents were carefully packed and protected.
Take a gander of all the goodies that conjure images of death...

My favorite part of this box is the 3D skull double shot glass. Fill it up and see the detailed, wicked skull grinning back at you!
I love this collection of stories called, Five Stories High. Tagline: One House, Five Terrifying Stories
The makers of this box created a key chain from Stephen King's Everything is Eventual collection, 1408. How rad is that?! It's already on my set of keys.
I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to have a Peter James novel in my collection now! I have heard great things from my friend, Abbie! What a treat! Also, a NerdWicks candle that smells delicious called "The Hideous Heart"
Another favorite is this Edgar Allen Poe tote! How cool is THAT?! A classic storyteller in the genre of death and the macabre. I can't wait to bring it to the library with me!
Lastly, The postcard and bookmark. I LOVE collecting bookmarks. I love the quote on the postcard too. Very cool.
I am so pleased with this box! It already convinced me that I need a subscription for the rest of the year for my birthday! *hint hint* to the hubby. Thanks for coming to my unboxing blog party! Stick around and have some snacks.If you're interested in buying February's box, the theme is Paranoia  and here is the link to TheNocturnalReader'sBox.Com you can save 10% by giving them your email, or you can save 15% when you use my code: SADIEREADS15

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