Wednesday, July 12, 2017

So You Want to Get Some ARCs?

Hey there bookstagrammers. I haven't updated my blog in FOREVER but I haven't really had anything to say that I don't already say on Instagram or Twitter.
But now I have something to say! There seems to be this assumption on social media that you have to be contacted by publishers to get an ARC (advanced reader copy). This is not the case.
I mean, yes. Sometimes people are contacted. I have been contacted by indie authors to read their books for free in exchange for an honest review. I have been contacted by Crown Publishing to be in their bookstagram partnership. (we pick out books, we thank them, we post them. No obligations or deadlines)
This book was part of that arrangement. I have also been contacted by Doubleday to read an ARC of Meddling Kids for an honest review. Of which I did. HERE. But publishers, generally, are not going to be banging on your door or my door anytime soon to beg you to take a free book. However, they do want their books read and reviewed. This is important to them and they are recently realizing the viral nature of social media micro-communities like #bookstagram
Which boasts over 12 million photos!
I'm sure you've seen some dedicated bookstagram accounts posting pictures of books that they are reading that don't come out for months! How do they do that? How do you get those? It's easy! Here are a few ways to do that:
1. You absolutely can request them from the publishers themselves. It's always good to be very professional in your approach, don't ask, "GIMMIE FREE BOOK?"
Rather, draft an email that you could copy and paste each time you make a request. Include your full name, the reason why you would like to be considered and links to your presence online. Twitter, Instagram, Blog, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. I have partnered with a small publishing house who agreed to send me whatever books I wanted if I just paid the shipping. I'm not going to tell you who they are, *laughing* I'm just letting you know I was successful doing this.
2. Join newsletters of your favorite Publishers. Often times, they have giveaways for ARCs or a request button. You might not always get one but I got two books from TOR this way
3. Goodreads First Reads has giveaways for ARCs and older titles. I have never won these but some of my friends have.
4. is like Goodreads and also has an ARC program
5. Join NetGalley and get free eBooks for reading and reviewing.
6. I've heard from two reliable sources Emily and Shannon that if you sign up for newsletter there are opportunities for ARCs
7. Penguin Teen loves giving bloggers ARCs! Check this link if you have a blog! HERE
8. Blogging for Books is an awesome resource if you don't mind deadlines and blogging!
9. Blog Tours- These sound a bit scary and time consuming. Bloggers are vetted and selected and if you are selected, failing to meet their demands can result in you getting kicked out of the program. But hey, if you don't mind that sort of thing, DO IT try TLC Blog Tours
10. There is one website I joined like six months ago and I can't remember the name of it because the terms were so ridiculous. You could request ARCs but if you were awarded the book, there were reading deadlines and the website actually scored you on how quickly you returned a review. The higher ranking you got, the more popular the ARC titles became. I think this sort of agreement sucks. It takes all the joy out of reading. Why would I want to read a bunch of books nobody has heard of in a very rigorous timeline and be obligated to review on a schedule? No thanks. I have books at home to keep me busy!
So there you have it folks! If you want ARCs go out and get them. You don't have to sit around and wait to be considered "special" ain't nobody THAT special. *wink*


  1. Great advice Sadie! Anyone living in the UK or Ireland can also sign up to and request physical copies of pre-releases from a number of publishers including Hodder & Stoughton (Stephen Kings UK publisher ��)

    1. Thank you Martina! That's very helpful!


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