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Saturday, April 13, 2019

REVIEW POLICIES- Sadie Hartmann aka Mother Horror


Hi! My name is Sadie Hartmann. I currently review horror fiction for Cemetery Dance and SCREAM Magazine.
I also post my reviews on Goodreads and Amazon.
My friend Ashley and I started a horror fiction review group called, Night Worms. I am the point person for getting your book submitted for a Night Worms group read & review.

Night Worms is also the name of the horror book club monthly subscription company that Ashley and I currently own and operate. You can find out more about Night Worms (the business) at
Night Worms email:

I am currently CLOSED to new review requests.
Before you email your request, please read the following:

  • I accept physical review copies only. I am an influencer on social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. My reviews rely heavily on having a photograph of the book I'm reading. 
  • I reserve the right to read & review books on my schedule. If you need your book reviewed by a specific deadline, I'm probably not the right reviewer for you. I do try to keep to an order of when books are received but I enjoy the freedom to make changes to the order.
  • Reading your book does not always result in a review with Cemetery Dance or SCREAM Mag. My editors have left what books I review to my discretion. Reading your book might not result in a review if I choose to not finish the book for personal reasons. Accepting your book also is not a commitment to photograph it or post it to my social media platforms. If you feel like sending me a book is a promise of any of those "requirements" please don't submit a request.
  • I write honest, unbiased reviews based on my personal reading experience. This may mean an unsavory or low starred review. Please don't take my reviews as a personal attack or an invitation for a discussion. 
  • I generally post 3-5 star reviews EVERYWHERE because I'm a passionate reader and love to fangirl over the books that I enjoy and love. It's my greatest joy to encourage others to read awesome horror fiction so I spread the word like a freakish, magical, horror-loving megaphone so if you don't want to be tagged on social media posts gushing about the merits of your writing ability, please let me know in advance.
  • Please browse my reviews and social media accounts to see if your book would be a fit. I'm currently reading mostly horror fiction in all the 20+ sub genres, dark fiction and some dark/horror poetry. I'm not interested in much else at the time.
  • A link of your book on Amazon or Goodreads is required. I don't read books that are not listed on either of those sites. I DO read books that are Indie, Small, Self-Published and Traditionally Published (they just also need to be listed on Goodreads so I can track my progress)
  • If I have accepted a book from you before and you have my address, still submit a request for any future books--don't just send them to me. This creates confusion for me as I get books in the mail that I am expecting, on a daily basis and your unsolicited book might find its way into a Little Free Library instead of my bookshelf.
  • I read & review because I love it. Not because you're paying me to do so, please be kind and courteous! I look forward to hearing from you if you agree to these terms and conditions.
~Sadie Hartmann


  1. Hello Sadie, is there any area of Horror that you either won't read or dislike?

  2. Hi, love the name. just found you.


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