Saturday, July 20, 2019

Authors That Will Make You Cry Like The Wittle Baby You Are

It's weird how I used to fight the tears when I was younger. I didn't want anyone to know I was crying. The first time I remember doing that was watching DUMBO and I started feeling all these emotions so I tamped it down. NO CRYING!
Then I saw my first movie in the theater, THE LAST UNICORN. I could not stop the tears. I actually remember bawling at the scene where the unicorns are riding the ocean waves back to existence. Crazy emotional.

After that, I have 1,000 different memories of losing my shit. I actually had to be excused from my high school class during a classroom showing of OF MICE AND MEN. I just couldn't deal with life afterward so my English teacher allowed me to stay in his class and wallow in misery for another 30 minutes.
Now, I cry freely and openly. My husband and I look forward to taking our grownup kids to PIXAR mocvies, Star Wars movies, Superhero movies--any and all movies where we can relax in a dark theater, eat popcorn, drink buckets of soda and drown out the stressors of the world by having a good cry. TOY STORY 4 and SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME are recent examples.

But enough about movies. Let's talk about books. Authors that ALWAYS make me cry. These guys bring emotional wreckage, heart stabbing pain, anguish, and tears. All the tears that can be cried. And yes, I'm well aware that these are all of the male persuasion. I don't know what to say. It is what it is. I scanned my selves making sure I wasn't overlooking anyone and this is my truth. These are the authors that bring the heavy for me. But don't worry, I have a blog post ready for next weekend with the ladies.

Paul Tremblay.
I don't think I've read ANYTHING this man writes without crying. All of his books HURT ME. They hurt me soooooo bad. I think DISAPPEARANCE AT DEVIL'S ROCK was the worst offender. I was not okay afterward. Why Paul?? Whyyyyyyy?

Craig Davidson/Nick Cutter.

Another writer who always goes for the heart. Even his horror is emotional. The ending of THE TROOP was gut-wrenching! But SATURDAY NIGHT GHOST CLUB and CATARACT CITY both shot me in the feels over and over. Craig just knows how to reach beyond the page with words and cut deep.

Gabino Iglesias

Gabino is a new addition for me. His book, COYOTE SONGS captivated and crushed me earlier this year. I have Zero Saints sitting on my nightstand just begging for me to pick it up and allow Gabino's carefully and thoughtfully chosen words pierce through skin & bone and go straight for the heart. It's my hope to have many more emotionally wrought stories from Gabino in the future. I'm here for it.

Dennis LeHane.

Ouch Dennis LeHane! Why does every book you write have to sting?? I seriously sat here and tried really hard to think of a book that didn't kill me and I couldn't think of a single one. THE DROP--the last like 10 pages of THE DROP was basically me stopping every few seconds to "unblurry" my eyes so I could keep reading. And MYSTIC RIVER?? Fugeddaboutit. Damn, LeHane. Easy! Dennis LeHane's photo is daring me not to cry. Do you see that in his expression? "Just you try to keep your composure, Sadie. You BABY."

Robert McCammon.

Robert McCammon mocks my pain in this author photo. He's delighting in my agony. BOY'S LIFE?? SWAN SONG?? THE LISTENER?? Please, can we have our hearts back??
I'll never get over the feelings. I can't even talk about them. People start to talk about certain scenes and I shush them. Please stop talking. Don't talk about it. DON'T MAKE ME CRY!!!

Chad Lutzke.

Chad Lutzke, whyyyyyyy??? I love the way Chad writes his little stories. I immediately fall in love with the characters and then Chad crushes me with them. HE HURTS US!! STIRRING THE SHEETS, OF FOSTER HOMES AND FLIES, SKULLFACE BOY...all the Lutzke books they want to destroy us with our own feelings and they're winning! It's an army of novellas against my wee heart and I don't stand a chance.

Rio Youers.

There should be a special section for authors who have made me cry the hardest. Rio would be there with Stephen King and Paul Tremblay. Rio's book WESTLAKE SOUL was nothing but a giant attack on my heart. At one point, towards the end, I set it down and just had a good, long cry before I even *tried* to keep going. It's like, if I didn't get some of it out, the ending was sure to overwhelm and then KILL ME. It killed me anyway. 

Stephen King.

Stephen King! You hurtful bastard. I think he's given me the most fictional pain. THE DARK TOWER SERIES, THE BODY, THE LONG GREEN MILE, 11/22/63, THE STAND, IT...I mean, the pain never ends. It's always there and it's because King gives us such REAL characters. Kill your darlings?? Yes, well--just be careful who you love because King will take them from you and then you'll feel all hollowed out and used up. It's why we love him though, right?? 

Jeremy R. Johnson.

Last but never least, JRJ. There were a few emotional runners in his collection ENTROPY IN BLOOM so I knew he was fully capable. But nothing could prepare me for IN THE RIVER. I would say between that novella and WESTLAKE SOUL, those were the hardest tears I've cried. Kind of amazing how few pages both of those books have--only proves that if you're a talented writer, you can manipulate your readers in a matter of minutes. Dangerous.

So there they are--my emotional heavy hitters.

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