Friday, January 31, 2020

Goodbye, January 2020

Goodbye, January 2020

Mother Horror News & Updates:

I read and reviewed 14 books this month. My new Kindle Paperwhite that I got for Christmas likes to lie to my Goodreads and mark books as read when I haven't finished them. 4 of the 14 books I read digitally and surprisingly, I really enjoyed it. The best feature is changing the font size and being able to read faster & longer at night before I go to bed. This device will serve me well this year.
Here are my favorite books I read in January:

I had two reviews release at Cemetery Dance this month. 
My review for John Boden's SPUNGUNION can be found HERE

"It’s that magical sadness I mentioned earlier. Somehow, someway, Boden is able to infuse authenticity and sincerity into everything. By the end of this novella, my emotions were a tangled heap; tears were shed, my heart broken."

My review for Matt Hayward's VARIOUS STATES OF DECAY can be found HERE

"this is one of the few collections where I was able to read all the stories and didn’t skip or skim a single one. That’s really saying something. It’s my opinion that if an author can pull off exceptional short stories and get something meaningful across to readers in just a few pages, it’s likely that they are a talented writer and one can safely invest time and money in longer works of fiction. I will definitely be picking up one of Hayward’s novels." 
I had 4 reviews published in the bi-monthly magazine SCREAM for January/February Issue #58

Night Worms News & Updates:

Our January 2020 package MISCREATIONS was a huge success. We received a lot of feedback from our customers, mostly just a lot of excitement over our featured book:
MISCREATIONS: GODS, MONSTROSITIES & OTHER HORRORS. Our Worms were able to get this book in their hands over a month before its official release in February.
My full review will be over at Cemetery Dance soon. It was such a joy working with Doug Murano and Michael Bailey. I think I can speak for both Ashley and me when I say that we will miss talking to them all the time they are both so professional and friendly. We will continue to support their endeavors. Good people.

February packages are being packed and shipped today! We started with goodie bags and prepping envelopes yesterday. Today we finish with the books and the USPS mailers. Pick up is this afternoon so they will be on the move over the weekend and into early next week. We hope you enjoy it!!

March 2020 packages, our second time partnering with Thunderstorm Books is already SOLD OUT. Ashley and I love working with Paul at Thunderstorm to bring our customers, signed, exclusive, limited editions of great books. This time we worked with two of our favorite artists to design the covers:

SNOW by Ronald Malfi
Cover Art: Daniele Serra

HOW WE BROKE by Bracken MacLeod and Paul Michael Anderson
Cover Art: Matthew Revert

Personal News & Updates:

In personal news, our family is in need of a vacation. We moved to the PNW in December of 2017 and we haven't had any kind of real rest since well before that. Our family has been enjoying at least a week-long stay in a house at some beach for 14 years. Finally, we have found some time to escape to the Oregon Coast. We rented a big beach house with a hot tub and a TV and the ocean just a half a mile away. We love being close to the beach. I could look at tidepools and beach comb all day. I'll be taking a social media break during this time--just stepping away from all the promoting, emails, reviewing, networking and just rest. 

Read. Rest. Relax.

Photo Credit: My hubby. It's my favorite photo of our son Andy enjoying the North Coast

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