Saturday, February 29, 2020

Goodbye February 2020

My son did a #ToonMe challenge of me on vacation 2/4/2020
February 2020 was an interesting month. Some real peaks and valleys. While everyone in the horror family was kicking off "Women in Horror Month" on social media, my family and I piled into our cars and headed to Seaside, OR. It was a much-needed reprieve from our typical, daily experience. The weather, however, was the same old grey skies and rainy days we experience in WA. But at least they were "new" skies and near a beach and the vacation home was everything we wanted. We just couldn't afford a "someplace sunny and warm" kind of vacation this year and that's ok. A week away from jobs and stress is pretty great.
My daughter and Owen at Cannon Beach, OR

When I got back from vacation, social media was alive with our Night Worms February package, "Horror Addiction". This was a pretty interesting package for us because Ashley and I are both very into the sub-genre "addiction horror" and we took a risk sharing it with everyone. I think the response back from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive. Max Booth III at Perpetual Motion Machine and Mark Matthews at Wicked Run Press are both highly professional and remarkable people. We enjoyed putting these books in people's hands.

On vacation, I managed to read two amazing books. I could not have asked for better vacation reading. SURVIVOR SONG by Paul Tremblay and PARADISE SKY by Joe Lansdale. You can read my review of Tremblay's book a little closer to release at Cemetery Dance and my review for the Lansdale book is HERE

I had the amazing opportunity to write an article for LitReactor focusing on some of my favorite Women in Horror. It was an honor to showcase these talented women and I am beyond flabbergasted that the article got so much traction. I'm excited to announce that I get to keep writing articles for LitReactor and I have two more coming next month!

Because of our family vacation, I got a little behind on reading and reviewing. I did manage to read and review all of these titles. THE GIRL IN THE VIDEO, WHISPERS IN THE EAR OF A DREAMING APE, SURVIVOR SONG are coming soon to Cemetery Dance. BAD PEOPLE and EDEN will be in an upcoming issue of SCREAM Magazine. 
Whispers in the Dark is HERE
A Collection of Nightmares HERE
The Festering Ones HERE

My review of TOUCH THE NIGHT by Max Booth dropped on GingerNuts of Horror:
Read my full review HERE

I celebrated some milestones on Twitter and Instagram this month. I hit 15K followers on Instagram and 10K on Twitter. I was also looking at my Twitter analytics and I was shocked to see what's going on in there. I don't know what the hell Twitter impressions are, but I almost reached a million of them in 28 days or something so like, someone explain to me what those even are?? Scratch that--I did hit a million in 28 days. WTF are they??

Don't forget to check out the two "Women in Horror Month" interviews I did for Cemetery Dance:

Okay, oh my god. I think that's all. Jeeze. I even exhaust myself when I do these updates. 

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