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Thursday, June 18, 2020

Books to Read in the Sun

Here are my Top 10 Books You Should Buy and Read in the Sun!

1. A PLACE FOR SINNERS by Aaron Dries
This book is crazy to the core. The pace is fast and compelling. The setting is warm, tropical, and dangerous. It is THE perfect horror novel for summertime.

2. GHOST SUMMER by Tananarive Due
Sometimes it's hard to focus on a long novel in the summer. There are so many competing ideas! Wash the car? Go for a walk? Swim in the lake...after reading GHOST SUMMER, you might want to stay out of the lake and keep a good eye on the children. These stories are perfect for settling into one story at a time all summer long.

3. DEAD DAUGHTERS by Tim Meyer
There is no better season than summer to binge read a freaking rad thriller written by an exceptionally talented horror author. DEAD DAUGHTERS is everything. It's lean, mean, and full of cliffhangers. Every chapter introduces more information pointing towards that big reveal. You won't be able to put it down. 

This book ticks all the boxes. David Caine is sexy, capable, and unafraid of anything. He decides to spend some time in a legendary haunted house; something follows him there.
It's the perfect set-up for all kinds of unimaginable horrors! Perfect for some poolside reading, just be careful you don't lose track of time and get a nasty sunburn-this book won't let you go.

5. THE ONLY GOOD INDIANS by Stephen Graham Jones
This book drops on July 14th and you do not want to miss out on the buzz. This book grabs readers immediately with a mesmerizing tale of revenge told by one of the most talented voices in horror today. Provocative, emotional, and impossible to put down. Essential summer reading.

6. THE MAGPIE COFFIN by Wile E. Young
Maybe it's the unflinching brutality or the dark sex appeal of the protagonist, Salem Covington. It could be the revenge story. It could be the gravitas of "Splatter Western"--who knows. All I know is that if you haven't read this book, summer is the perfect time to sit outside and get lost in this seriously bloody saga. (A sequel is coming!)

This book is as raw as an open wound and someone sticking their finger in it. Bloody, in-your-face and addicting as all hell. I could see horror fans reading this outside in a hammock and completely forgetting about responsibilities for the duration of the book--and isn't that what summer is about? A vacation for your brain.

Short stories are the perfect way to start something and finish it in the same sitting--which helps readers feel productive during the lazy days of summer. All of these stories are exceptional. Some favorite horror writers, as well as some new standouts- highly recommend this anthology to sustain even the pickiest reader.

9. WILTED LILIES by Kelli Owen
I can't recommend this series enough. Summer is a great time to grab book one and two and get caught up for when Kelli Owen drops book 3. TRUST ME!! Everyone I have turned on to this series has come back with rave reviews and a newfound favorite female protagonist. 

10. WHITE PINES by Gemma Amor
Gemma is hands down, one of the most talented voices in horror. This book is everything I've ever wanted out of a book--a compelling story, great characters, crazy cult horror, and so many surprises. Some really chilling moments as well. Oh! And a great mystery. Just so many things--it's the summer book you've been wanting all your damn life.

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