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Friday, November 20, 2020

If This Horror Book is WRONG, I Don't Wanna Be Right


Sometimes I finish a book that I loved so, so, so hard that I want to tell the whole world but then when I get ready to do it, I think of certain people who might see that I'm raving about something and they might actually buy it. That's a good thing right?? Well, what if the book is pretty messed up? I mean...REALLY messed up? 
Not dark...pitch black.
So I end up prefacing my fangirling with a lot of warnings and cautionary language so that people know...this might not be for you, try it if you like it spicy. These are a few of those recs:

Writing this post has also informed me that I don't often post these scandalous books on my Instagram feed. Is this a subliminal effort to censor myself? I don't even know that I'm doing it! I'm going to remedy this and add these books to my feed post haste!
~Sadie XX

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