Friday, December 28, 2018

Mother Horror's Anticipated Reads in 2019

2019 is going to be a stellar year for horror. I can feel it in my old lady witch bones. Here is a list of books I'm excited to read in the coming year. I've already started this one...

I have two stories left. Stay tuned for my review coming on Cemetery Dance! Spoiler Alert: I LOVED IT. (no surprise) preorder HERE

I have this book in my hot little hands as well. Trust me when I say I want to crawl inside this book right now and live inside of it until all the words are gobbled up. Preorder HERE

The 6th and FINAL book in the Miriam Black Series! SAY IT AINT SO!!! But Chuck made this jagged little pill a bit easier to swallow since we have THIS riding on its heels... (PREORDER VULTURES)

An epic apocalyptic tale for summer reading?? YAAAAAAAS PLEASE!!! (preorder)

In 2018, Andrew Cull blew us away with his debut collection, BONES and in 2019, we will get a novel called REMAINS. I'm so stinking eager for this!!! Click HERE

I was lucky enough to beta read a short story that Ania Ahlborn was contributing to this collection with a witch theme and told by an all female guest list. WANT NOW! (have to wait for October-not even available for preorder)

I can't wait for this book!! And I'm stoked that Ashley and I are working with Kealan Patrick Burke on a very special book club package for Night Worms including this new release, a previously released anthology with a KPB story in it and some original artwork by this multitalented horror author and book cover designer. And it doesn't stop here because this announcement was made earlier this week...(visit KPB's BLOG)

WARD is a prequel to SOUR CANDY so my recommendation is that if you haven't read SOUR CANDY, now is your chance! Click HERE

I'm so excited that Flame Tree Press is releasing the entire back catalog of Jonathan Janz! Click HERE to see all the upcoming books! But here are the ones I'm most excited about:

Oh, it's all of them actually. Tricked you.

Andrew Pyper is an amazing storyteller and I'm SO EXCITED to read this book THE HOMECOMING--taking place where I currently live in the PNW! I will show up for anything he writes. Preorder!

Speaking of authors that I will show up to read every, single, time...THE SAME DEEP WATER AS YOU by Chad Lutzke is coming in January! I can't wait. Follow Chad on Amazon for release

New Robert McCammon?
Me: Okay.
*stands in line*
Click here

WILL HAUNT YOU by Brian Kirk will be my first Brian Kirk book and I'm SO EXCITED because I've heard such high praise! PREORDER

I read a short story by Sarah Lotz in 2018 and my curiosity is locked in! This book comes out in April and I WANT IT. Click HERE


  1. I’m so excited about how many amazing horrors are coming in 2019. My brain is ready for them all!!! *evil grin*

  2. Nathan Ballingrud has an anthology coming out in 2019 I'm excited about. 'Atlas to Hell and Other Stories'. The title story is amazing. I read it in one of the Year's Best Weird Fiction collections.

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