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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Mother Horror's List: 20 Scariest Books of All Time (...that you might not have heard of)

Josh Malerman retweeted Cosmopolitan's list of 21 Scariest Books of All Time. I agree with some of the books on the list ( I love BIRD BOX!!) but not even close to all of them AND the list was mainly best sellers. Correction: ALL BEST SELLERS. It included Frankenstein and Dracula and IT...okay, okay. YAAAAAAAWN.
So I see your list, Cosmo and I'm gonna raise the game. My list is going to be books that readers might not have heard of but they need them in their lives because they are THE SCARIEST BOOKS OF ALL TIME (according to me).

1. IN THE VALLEY OF THE SUN by Andy Davidson. I can remember scenes with vivid detail if I close my eyes and think of them. This book is so good, you'll have a bookish hangover for daaaays afterwards.

2. LITTLE HEAVEN- by Nick Cutter. Wait a second, let me suck my eyeballs back into their sockets--after I read LITTLE HEAVEN, my eyes bugged out of my face and I never quite got them to retract back into place. Also, let me pick my jaw up off the floor.

3. BROTHER by Ania Ahlborn. Do people get sick of me recommending this book? I don't care. Fight me. I binge read this book and tried to make my family some dinner while my face was glued to the pages of this book. It was really difficult. But I could not stop reading about this heinous, murderous family! Terrifying!!

4. VIOLET by Scott Thomas. Maybe people have heard about this book, I'm not sure. I thought everyone read his first novel, KILL CREEK and I'm still shocked when I discover horror fans that haven't read it. I loved KILL CREEK but VIOLET is scary in a different way. This one needles at you for a long length of time before it sticks you with the pointy end. 

5. I'M THINKING OF ENDING THINGS by Iain Reid. You get to the end of this book, your read it. You sit back and stare into space and then you turn to page one and you read it again. I'm serious. And if you haven't heard of this one, YOU WILL!! You will. Get on it, now!

6. BENEATH by Kristi DeMeester. What the hell did I just read?? Seriously, what just happened. There are scenes in this book where your mind is like, WHAT?? WAIT, WHAAAAAAT??? Terrifying. Truly some folk/cult horror madness. 

7. THE WICKED by James Newman. The demon in this I have to say his name?? MOLOCH. See? I remembered just off the top of my head because, because, it's gross and terrible and scary! So scary in a very creepy, dirty-bearded, old man way. *shivers*

8. THE LAST DAYS OF JACK SPARKS by Jason Arnopp. This has some bat shit crazy scenes in it. I'm thinking of one in particular where I was whispering to the main character to STOP THAT because he was messing around with something he ought not to be messing with! It's like watching someone self sabotage in the worst way and all you can do is watch. Scary stuff.

9. GRIND YOUR BONES TO DUST by Nicholas Day. This one is dark. Brutal. Unflinching. My favorite book for 2019 and the scariest villian I've read in a very long time. You want scary?? There's lots of scenes in here that will shock you. Trust Mummy.

10. COYOTE SONGS by Gabino Iglesias. This book is scary because it's true. The stories themselves might be fiction, born out of the author's imagination but they are rooted in truth. Inspired by true events, real fears, real worries, real dangers. You can't ever unsee or unfeel this book.

11. A LUSH AND SEETHING HELL by John Hornor Jacobs. Freshly released the two novellas told in this book are some fresh hell, my friends. Jacobs is one of those storytellers where you totally forget that what you are reading is fiction. I believed every word and I was terrified.

12. SOMETHING BORROWED, SOMETHING BLOOD SOAKED by Christa Carmen. Not a novel. A collection of stories. Very, scary stories. RED ROOM will forever be burned in my horror-loving brain. And so will the rest of them--LIQUID HANDCUFFS as well. The whole collection is great. Scary greatness.

13. DEAR LAURA by Gemma Amour. This is a novella. Probably the fastest read in this list but impactful. Heart pounding. All too real. I loved it. It haunts me. 

14. THE SWITCH HOUSE by Tim Meyer. Oops, I lied. This is a fast read too and it's disorienting and scary and unpredictable. A must read.

15. A PLACE FOR SINNERS by Aaron Dries. This is shit. I'm telling you right now, you think you're ready for this book? You are NOT. You are not ever ready for the horrors in here. Just don't even bother. You can't handle it.

16. KNOCK, KNOCK by S. P. Miskowski. And now I'm getting pissed because why isn't this author a household name and why isn't everyone reading this book at Halloween?? It's scary! It has female protagonists! Scary children!! And I mean VERY SCARY children. Buy this now. Buy all her books, now.

17. ALL SMOKE RISES by Mark Matthews. Holy Hell. Addiction horror?? Level up. This book scared me REAL GOOD. I wasn't prepared with how dark and depraved ths one was going to get. And neither are you.

18. WHEN DARKNESS LOVES US by Elizabeth Engstrom. The two novellas in here are (excuse me) fucked up. In the best possible way of course because if you came looking for horror, Elizabeth has you covered.

19. RITES OF EXTINCTION by Matt Serafini. This one will blow your mind. You will not see this coming, I promise you that. And it's a pretty quick read. Compelling, but hold on to your butt for that conclusion.

20. EXORCIST FALLS by Jonathan Janz. If possession horror is your thing, if you enjoyed THE EXORCIST, this one will satisfy. But there's no redemption here--no happy ending, so just know that scares in this book will stay with you.

*not pictured is GRIND YOUR BONES TO DUST which comes out on the 10/10/19
**The book between Jack Sparks and Sinners is DEAR LAURA

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  1. Thanks for this!! Getting back into reading again and needed a list JUST like this, without all the to dig best sellers in the way!


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