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Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Short Story Collections for Summer


Short story collections are my FAVORITE. I love them. I never stop talking about how the best way to get to know an author is to read a bunch of their short stories *before* you buy and invest time/money in a novel. PLUS! Summer is the perfect time to dive into a collection (or two, or three) because you can read one story here or there and drop your bookmark in between tales. I look forward to settling into a novel during the crisp, cool days of Fall & Winter--Summer has this feeling of urgency. Especially living in the Pacific Northwest, we really need to get outdoors and enjoy the good weather and the sunshine while we have it, no time to linger indoors with a whole novel demanding our attention! All of this being said, here are some of my recommendations for amazing authors everyone needs to know and the short story collections that will convince you of this:

Look for my full SCREAM Magazine this summer! I loved this collection
It's very difficult to pick a favorite Stephen King short story collection but if I had to, I would choose JUST AFTER SUNSET or FULL DARK, NO STARS. One of my all time favorite King short stories is N.

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