Saturday, February 29, 2020

Goodbye February 2020

My son did a #ToonMe challenge of me on vacation 2/4/2020
February 2020 was an interesting month. Some real peaks and valleys. While everyone in the horror family was kicking off "Women in Horror Month" on social media, my family and I piled into our cars and headed to Seaside, OR. It was a much-needed reprieve from our typical, daily experience. The weather, however, was the same old grey skies and rainy days we experience in WA. But at least they were "new" skies and near a beach and the vacation home was everything we wanted. We just couldn't afford a "someplace sunny and warm" kind of vacation this year and that's ok. A week away from jobs and stress is pretty great.
My daughter and Owen at Cannon Beach, OR

When I got back from vacation, social media was alive with our Night Worms February package, "Horror Addiction". This was a pretty interesting package for us because Ashley and I are both very into the sub-genre "addiction horror" and we took a risk sharing it with everyone. I think the response back from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive. Max Booth III at Perpetual Motion Machine and Mark Matthews at Wicked Run Press are both highly professional and remarkable people. We enjoyed putting these books in people's hands.

On vacation, I managed to read two amazing books. I could not have asked for better vacation reading. SURVIVOR SONG by Paul Tremblay and PARADISE SKY by Joe Lansdale. You can read my review of Tremblay's book a little closer to release at Cemetery Dance and my review for the Lansdale book is HERE

I had the amazing opportunity to write an article for LitReactor focusing on some of my favorite Women in Horror. It was an honor to showcase these talented women and I am beyond flabbergasted that the article got so much traction. I'm excited to announce that I get to keep writing articles for LitReactor and I have two more coming next month!

Because of our family vacation, I got a little behind on reading and reviewing. I did manage to read and review all of these titles. THE GIRL IN THE VIDEO, WHISPERS IN THE EAR OF A DREAMING APE, SURVIVOR SONG are coming soon to Cemetery Dance. BAD PEOPLE and EDEN will be in an upcoming issue of SCREAM Magazine. 
Whispers in the Dark is HERE
A Collection of Nightmares HERE
The Festering Ones HERE

My review of TOUCH THE NIGHT by Max Booth dropped on GingerNuts of Horror:
Read my full review HERE

I celebrated some milestones on Twitter and Instagram this month. I hit 15K followers on Instagram and 10K on Twitter. I was also looking at my Twitter analytics and I was shocked to see what's going on in there. I don't know what the hell Twitter impressions are, but I almost reached a million of them in 28 days or something so like, someone explain to me what those even are?? Scratch that--I did hit a million in 28 days. WTF are they??

Don't forget to check out the two "Women in Horror Month" interviews I did for Cemetery Dance:

Okay, oh my god. I think that's all. Jeeze. I even exhaust myself when I do these updates. 

Friday, February 28, 2020

10 Non-Horror Books That I Love So Fiercely I Can't Even.

I used to have this annual tradition called "Season of Horror" where I would read horror books for the entire month of October. I'd say it was a fully-formed thing by 2017.
That year, I had a bunch of bookish friends on Instagram join in on the fun. We posted all the books we were planning on reading for the month. In 2018, as my Season of Horror drew near, I realized I had a problem: I had too many horror books I wanted to read in October; way more than I could manage in one month.
So I started early in September. And then guess what happened?
I never stopped. The Season of Horror has now become EVERY DAY IS HORROR. 24/7-365.
But there was a time where I was reading from other genres (do I miss those days? Do I miss "other" genres? Nope. But that's a different story for another day).
I was an early avid reader. As soon as I was able, I was reading everything I could get my hands on. As I look back over my relationship with books, I see that I have always been attracted to reading in one genre. I had a very longterm relationship with Fantasy. I discovered Stephen King at 13 and read everything available of his on my mom's shelves.
I had a brief love affair with criminal justice books and courtroom drama so I read everything John Grisham had to offer. My mom was into these A is for Alibi, B is for Burglar series by Sue Grafton but like midway through I grew bored of the formulaic storylines and timid violence. I was knee-deep into Stephen King stuff--I needed DETAILS of these crimes! So...
...there was a whole year where all I read was John Sanford "Prey" books with detective Lucas Davenport. Then I moved into the Patricia Cornwell- Kay Scarpetta series. I couldn't get enough of the grisly serial killer/flawed but dedicated detective trope. The grislier the crimes, the better.

I feel like everything I have read and loved has primed the pump for where I am now with horror. My favorite books have been stepping stones for the most rewarding and satisfying genre relationship I've ever had.

The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien will forever be "that book" for me. I read it in 1989, I was in 7th grade. This is the edition I have and inside is a bookplate with my name on it and a flying pegasus in pastel colors. So 'me' circa the 1980s. I love the Lord of the Rings trilogy too but they were harder for me to engage with because of the long, rambling scenes and sprawling storyline. The Hobbit is all of the Tolkien goodness but all smooshed into a concise, fast-paced story. My heart belongs to Bilbo Baggins. I'll say this book gave me my preference for character-driven tales.

I was in Freshman English when the teacher assigned Lord of the Flies by William Golding. He passed out our copies. I brought it home and went straight to my room and read the whole thing. My mom probably made me come down for dinner but I definitely read the entire book. I think it's safe to say that this book is almost horror if not full-on. My heart was racing after certain scenes with Piggy. Poor Piggy! And what would happen to sensitive, vulnerable, Simon? Still to this day, thinking about this book disturbs me so much. I absolutely love it. I'll point to this book for starting my romance with suspense, tension, and violence.

Bastard Out of Carolina by Dorothy Allison is one of those books that I never would have picked out for myself but I lived in a home with an avid reader (mom) and she either gave this to me to read or I just swooped it from her shelves. Either way, thank goodness I found this book. Semi-Autobiographical and set in the 1950s in South Carolina, the story explores themes of poverty, abuse, abandonment, and neglect. It perfectly blends some horrific depictions of humanity at its worst with the beauty of resilience. There are some laugh-out-loud scenes as well that make things a little easier to stomach. Highly recommend. Scenes of violence, rape, and perseverance-perfectly setting the bar high for horror books to come.

A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole is one of those books where if you haven't read it, I kind of judge you. And if you have read it but don't love it, I can't be your friend.
The main character is this guy who lives with his mom. He's lazy and ineffectual but he's also HILARIOUS and kind of genius. There's so much that happens that reminds me of a Seinfeld episode where if you try to explain it, there's really not a plot but a bunch of amazing shit transpires. That's this book. there are letters to read between Ignatious and Myrna, journal entries, inner monologues, it's just all very non-traditional and unique. Highly recommend. I love this book for its character study style and unique storytelling voice/narrative.

I read Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane in the early 2000s. Not quite horror, but walks the line for sure. Perhaps responsible for my love of asylum horror since this one deals with mental illness, criminal insanity, and treating patients/prisoners with psychotropic drugs causing delusion and paranoia. I absolutely binged this book. It's unputdownable. Dennis Lehane is probably one of my top ten non-horror authors. He's a damn good writer. I recommend this book all the time. Of course, so many people have seen the Leonardo DiCaprio movie, which is good, but the book was better.

I don't remember when I read this book but it's been on my "All-time favorite books" list for many, many years. The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon is one of those stories that come alive for the reader in a magical, romantic way. It's difficult to pick a genre for it-combining elements of fantasy, historical fiction, romance, just has everything anyone would ever want in a book. One of the few books I've read multiple times as a grownup. I would say that the most appealing thing about this one is its authenticity and its magical quality.

I almost can't express my love for this book in a way that would convey the seriousness of my love. William Goldman's The Princess Bride is the best book in the whole world. It's fucking timeless. I can't believe it was written in 1973 but you could read it today and it would still hold up. Like the tagline on the cover suggests, "It's a 'hot' fairytale". It's so many genres rolled into one, comedy, romance, adventure, fairytale...
I love how the style is like this secondhand telling of some other book by a fictional author named S. Morgenstern. It breaks down that wall between author and reader and you feel like your friend is telling you the juicy parts of an otherwise boring book. Oh my god it's hilarious.

It's weird to me that The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell is not considered horror. How in the world??
It's horror. Full stop. There's a scene in this book that broke my mind. Like the horrors of what I was reading was making my whole body go into some kind of shock response. I literally heard sounds while I was reading--I don't know how to describe what happened to me. My reading experience was off the charts intense and to this day, this is one of the most visceral stories I have ever read. A mind blower.

Cold Sassy Tree by Olive Ann Burns is a small-town drama and a coming-of-age novel. Probably one of my favorite coming-of-age stories and cemented the sub-genre as my favorite. (I have always been a fan though, I fall in love with all young adult protagonists).
This book follows Will Tweedy (best name ever). He's 14, growing up in the fictional, idyllic town of Cold Sassy.
There's town gossip, nosy neighbors, tragic events, drama & scandal, lazy afternoons, comedy, and just wholesome goodness. I could live in the pages of this book and feel quite at home.

I can't make a list of favorite books without John Irving on it. The Cider House Rules is another coming-of-age story about a young man named Homer Wells.
So much happens in this book--there's the whole storyline of Homer's relationship with his mentor, Dr. Larch who is a wartime abortionist and obstetrician. There's the orphanage, the cider farm, the romance, the relationships, and colorful characters...there SO MUCH STORY. I died several times while reading this one. Like straight up-dead in the feels. Ugly crying. Just...this book is a winner.

Monday, February 24, 2020

The Essential Ingredient to ALL Good Stories is: CONFLICT

This little drawing cracks me up. That expression captures so perfectly what everyone is feeling when there is...duh-duh-DUHHHH...





Conflict. Oh noooo. *rolls eyes*
What the hell is everyone so afraid of?? *flapping my hands*
Drama or conflict is as reliable as the sun setting and rising. Where there are people there is the unquestionable potential for there to be drama. And why?? Is it because only certain people bring bad juju into an otherwise simplistic and wholesome community? (cue laugh track)
Um, no. There is not one community or group of people who exist apart from conflict. As long as we all shall live, we can expect shit to go down and you can bet your ass you will be the source of it and you will be on the other end of it. Are you married? You have conflict. Do you have children? They are conflict factories. Are you a part of a family? Mothers, Fathers, siblings? No drama there right?? Dysfunctional families are the rule, not the exception. Do you drive? (road rage) Do you go to the store? (Line rage) Do you live in America? (Politics rage)
Picture of Nancy Pelosi tearing up Trump's State of the Union Speech. Stirring the shit! Good for her.


Because we are human beings and we are different. We have different beliefs. Different opinions. We want different things, feel different feelings, love different things, hate different things and we always think we're right and the people who are not like us are wrong. This causes conflicts. It is ridiculous and naive to demand from people, "no more drama!"
A community thrives on a steady diet of conflict and peace. It's healthy and necessary for communities to learn how to resolve conflict and drama in a healthy, trustworthy way in order to achieve real peace. Real peace is when everyone is sharing and supporting in sincerity and authenticity. If conflict is avoided at all costs or if the community fosters a culture where conflict is dealt with as a crisis or something we just want to go away, true peace will continue to escape the community's grasp. People will be afraid to speak their minds for fear of being ostracized or ignored. Relationships will be surface level or forced into hiding where only a few people really know how others feel about a situation or topic. This breeds disunity and falsehood. If conflict is dealt with in a healthy way and people feel free to voice their true feelings and opinions, sure, everyone runs the risk of offending a few people or causing a little drama, but adults should have learned a thing or two about behaving in such a way where conflict resolution is not only achievable but sought out in order to promote peace and growth.
It's not really a matter of IF drama will show up but HOW it's handled. Some people suck at it and are actually incapable of dealing with it well. This can only be known if a resolution is sought after but ultimately rejected for a variety of reasons and in that case, there are toxic relationships where boundaries need to be set and protected.
The reason I bring this up is that I wrote a review recently where the conflict in a book was so clear. It was the most entertaining part of the story. Internal and external conflicts among characters are what most stories seek to expose to the reader. It's the reason stories exist, quite honestly. If there wasn't a conflict, what kind of story would we be reading? Something pretty unrealistic and dull is my guess. As a reader (who also reviews) I am looking to invest in the lives of fictional characters as they are subjected to situations outside of their control. It's fascinating to see how the author will use the characters to make choices that cause the story to go THIS way or THAT way. Often times, the most well-told stories have protagonists that are flawed and antagonists that are sometimes good. Nobody is always one way or the other. All good or all bad.
However, humans have a tendency to demonize one another, especially during a drama. People will pick sides based on whatever biases or feelings they have towards people they really don't even know. We do this as we read stories as well. The author probably has assigned very clear motives to their characters but based on our own, personal contexts and worldviews, readers will get it all twisted out of shape and come away with a totally different experience than what the author intended.
I'm sure I'm not writing anything new here--I'm sure everyone is well aware of this concept and agrees and if that's the case--then stop freaking out over a little drama!! Okay great, bye.

Saturday, February 22, 2020

These 7 Books Need to be TV Shows Right Now

With the success of Stranger Things and just coming-of-age dramas in general, DECEMBER PARK by Ronald Malfi is the perfect book to keep that momentum going.
Small town.
Kid Boy-Gang on Bikes.
Murder mystery.
Poised to have a great soundtrack from the 90s.
I need this TV show right now.

Think 'dark academia' with an old, castle-like building serving as a private school. A young boy shows up. He's quirky--collects bugs and he's curious; astute.
The young boys at the school don't immediately take to this newcomer. Not only that but at night, strange things happen while everyone is sleeping.
Our protagonist, Charley, begins to investigate and uncovers secrets that want to stay secrets at all costs.

This story/atmosphere in THE BONE WEAVER'S ORCHARD by Sarah Read would be appealing to fans of Harry Potter & A Series of Unfortunate Events. It would be a surefire hit for all ages. Whole families would watch it.

With Bracken MacLeod's knowledge of the criminal justice system, having worked as a civil & criminal litigator combined with his ability to write compelling fiction, we need the next new crime noir drama to come from his brain.
WHITE KNIGHT, the title story from this collection, WHITE KNIGHT and OTHER PAWNS would be the perfect jumping-off point.
I could easily see a reoccurring character in the D.A. who gets in over his head, emotionally, in his clients/cases.
I'm thinking of a show like LUTHER.

Picture this: A show on Netflix about a bunch of writers, all with very strong/different personalities, are invited to this writer's retreat hosted by a prolific, mysterious (cutthroat) author.
Each episode, audiences get to know one of the authors and learn about the story they're writing and how they interact with the fellow writers on the retreat. We start picking our favorites.

Someone dies. Maybe at the end of Season One? And then Season Two could be all this horror and drama and mystery.

THE DARK GAME by Jonathan Janz needs to be a show now. Thank you.
Think a fictional reality show where things go horribly wrong.

My favorite aspect of THE HUNGER by Alma Katsu was the ever-growing tension and suspense. Among the characters was all this drama that kept the reader turning the pages. All the while, we know something is "out there". A present threat. But the protagonists have other things on their minds (like good ol' fashioned survival). This would make for a perfect TV show.
Each episode could be filled with delicious drama with talented actors and could end on some kind of a cliffhanger.
I know exactly where Season One would end.

It would be amazing. Fans of Historical Fiction dramas with some horror mixed in would binge the hell out of this!

THE DEAD GIRLS CLUB by Damien Angelica Walters would be the best TV show. Each episode could take one of the two narratives:
The girls growing up.
The girls in the present day as women.

I can see it now. Each episode developing character, mystery and that sense of dread. The finale would be an emotional rollercoaster where absolutely NOBODY would see coming.

We need this. Like, yesterday. This show would trick everyone into thinking it was some kind of YA drama, safe. But then it would start taking a VERY dark turn.

The world needs to know the characters, Dallas and the Kid. And they need to read the book RATTLESNAKE KISSES by Bob Ford and John Boden but in order to get them there, maybe the trick would be to bring these characters to life on screen.
It would be magical.
The dialog in this book is laugh out loud funny. The story is fast-paced, compelling...
It would translate perfectly to the screen!
And then we could just have Boden & Ford write TV shows in the Knucklebucket Thang universe forever and ever.

Monday, February 17, 2020

Book Blogging Pro Tip: Image Search on Google

Hello, hello! It's me, Mother Horror with a friendly, useful "Pro Tip" that will help you be respectful of others and save face when doing a Google Image Search for your blog article.

If you can, use your own photos. Not a photographer? You'll probably go to Google Images and look up a book or an author. Let's try it!

Search: "Micheal Wehunt"


In this search, I found a photo of mine from this blog, bottom left corner. I also see a photo that my friend Bethany of Wraith & Roses took. There are several other images here as well and almost all of them belong to someone. This means you have to ask permission to use it and credit that person as the source. Let's try it again:

Search: "A Head Full of Ghosts by Paul Tremblay"

This photo of mine gets used all the time for this book and I'm never asked and I'm never given credit and I always approach the blogger when I see it and just plainly tell them to take it down at that point. If you click on it, it goes to a Twitter post I did where I used a screenshot from my own Instagram photo:
My advice is: If you are going to use any images on your blog article, the safest thing to do is use your own photos. If you want to just Google Search images, just know that when you right click over that image and click, "Save As..." you might want to click on it first. See where it goes. It probably belongs to someone else and that someone deserves credit for their "unique-to-them" image.

Friday, January 31, 2020

Goodbye, January 2020

Goodbye, January 2020

Mother Horror News & Updates:

I read and reviewed 14 books this month. My new Kindle Paperwhite that I got for Christmas likes to lie to my Goodreads and mark books as read when I haven't finished them. 4 of the 14 books I read digitally and surprisingly, I really enjoyed it. The best feature is changing the font size and being able to read faster & longer at night before I go to bed. This device will serve me well this year.
Here are my favorite books I read in January:

I had two reviews release at Cemetery Dance this month. 
My review for John Boden's SPUNGUNION can be found HERE

"It’s that magical sadness I mentioned earlier. Somehow, someway, Boden is able to infuse authenticity and sincerity into everything. By the end of this novella, my emotions were a tangled heap; tears were shed, my heart broken."

My review for Matt Hayward's VARIOUS STATES OF DECAY can be found HERE

"this is one of the few collections where I was able to read all the stories and didn’t skip or skim a single one. That’s really saying something. It’s my opinion that if an author can pull off exceptional short stories and get something meaningful across to readers in just a few pages, it’s likely that they are a talented writer and one can safely invest time and money in longer works of fiction. I will definitely be picking up one of Hayward’s novels." 
I had 4 reviews published in the bi-monthly magazine SCREAM for January/February Issue #58

Night Worms News & Updates:

Our January 2020 package MISCREATIONS was a huge success. We received a lot of feedback from our customers, mostly just a lot of excitement over our featured book:
MISCREATIONS: GODS, MONSTROSITIES & OTHER HORRORS. Our Worms were able to get this book in their hands over a month before its official release in February.
My full review will be over at Cemetery Dance soon. It was such a joy working with Doug Murano and Michael Bailey. I think I can speak for both Ashley and me when I say that we will miss talking to them all the time they are both so professional and friendly. We will continue to support their endeavors. Good people.

February packages are being packed and shipped today! We started with goodie bags and prepping envelopes yesterday. Today we finish with the books and the USPS mailers. Pick up is this afternoon so they will be on the move over the weekend and into early next week. We hope you enjoy it!!

March 2020 packages, our second time partnering with Thunderstorm Books is already SOLD OUT. Ashley and I love working with Paul at Thunderstorm to bring our customers, signed, exclusive, limited editions of great books. This time we worked with two of our favorite artists to design the covers:

SNOW by Ronald Malfi
Cover Art: Daniele Serra

HOW WE BROKE by Bracken MacLeod and Paul Michael Anderson
Cover Art: Matthew Revert

Personal News & Updates:

In personal news, our family is in need of a vacation. We moved to the PNW in December of 2017 and we haven't had any kind of real rest since well before that. Our family has been enjoying at least a week-long stay in a house at some beach for 14 years. Finally, we have found some time to escape to the Oregon Coast. We rented a big beach house with a hot tub and a TV and the ocean just a half a mile away. We love being close to the beach. I could look at tidepools and beach comb all day. I'll be taking a social media break during this time--just stepping away from all the promoting, emails, reviewing, networking and just rest. 

Read. Rest. Relax.

Photo Credit: My hubby. It's my favorite photo of our son Andy enjoying the North Coast

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Some Very Loosely Held but Intentionally Pursued 2020 Goals

I was looking at the January 2020 calendar this morning and I was struck by this "clean slate" feeling I was experiencing. January is the one month of the year that holds the most promises, the most anticipation and is the most inspiring.
There's a temptation to revisit the 2019 highlight reel with you; list my accomplishments, type out the big milestones in big, bold letters. But I don't really feel like it.
I've seen a lot of other people do it and I've enjoyed reading them but for myself--it feels like a chore to sit and think of everything. Is that weird? Psychologically, I have no idea what that means (if anything) but I'm sticking to the mantra of my 40s which is "give less fucks about this shit".
(I like that I cuss twice in my mantra)
(also, Grammarly corrected me and told me it's "give FEWER fucks about this shit" go home Grammarly! Hahah)
This post is going to be loosely based on some goals and resolutions I have for this year. The overarching theme being "REST" underscored with "INTENTION". I'll explain.
A New Year always ushers in these New Year's Resolutions where everyone is low-key promoting the idea to do MORE, be BETTER, work HARDER.
I'm like, naaaaaw. Don't do that to yourself. That's why there are so many stupid jokes like, "The diet starts tomorrow!" Everyone sets these lofty goals and then when we fail to fulfill them, we're full of all this self-loathing and pity which is really destructive and unnecessary.
SO! I'm making these goals and resolutions this year but I'm holding them in an open hand so that if (when) I fail to meet the demands of them, I'm not going to get trainwrecked over it. But if (when) I'm successful, I'll celebrate them as the little miracles they are and pat myself smugly on the back. Ha! Which reminds me of a little piece of art I ran across that resonated with me:
"Be so into your own game it scares people."
GOAL ONE: Dude. I'm sorry (not sorry) but I spent so much of my adolescence being insecure that now--I do not have the patience for feelings of inferiority. Call it arrogance, call it pride, but it's not. It's self-care. It's loving myself and being kind to myself. Forgiving my flaws and celebrating what I'm good at. This is goal one. Doing things to support me. Because it's true what they say if you don't love yourself first and foremost, how can you love others without robbing yourself of time, energy, etc? You can only give what you have plenty of...this is the way the world works. Sure, you can fake most things and spend all of what you have on others but eventually, you will crash & burn. My hubby and I know this so well. You can only muster up your own strength for so long before you just can't anymore and BURN OUT IS REAL. So be good to yourself. Know your limits. Say "No" to things that you don't have the capacity for. Let go of toxic relationships, toxic environments, toxic people who steal your joy. I can go on and on with this topic (just love yourself. Be into your own game). I'm also identifying and being intentional about my personal style. I realized that many of the clothes I own and wear do not make me happy. They don't make me feel good. I have a few pieces that I enjoy wearing and so, I'm building my wardrobe around those things. I've donated a lot to Goodwill and I'm very intentional about what I bring into my closet. In a nutshell: GYPSY, BOHO, GRANDMA, WITCH defines my personal style. Think Stevie Nicks but without the Top Hat because I can't pull off a Top Hat in my everyday life, otherwise I WOULD.

GOAL TWO: Loving myself and self-care eventually leads to healthy habits. I'm going to focus on my mind and my body. I will intentionally start the day with stuff that feeds my mind, heart, and soul first (NOT social media....DUH) and then feed my body well too. I'm going back to *clean eating. It's not a diet. It's just eating clean. Processed food is out. Junk food is out. Just real food which means, real sugar, real fats, real ingredients. This is a hard road because I love crappy food. Sometimes I crave a super nasty frozen pizza or greasy chips with cheese melted on them, cookies, chips....GARBAGE. It needs to stop. 
Along with clean eating is Intermittent Fasting. This is the hubby's idea. We're going to eat food between the hours of 10am-6pm. That's it. We allow ourselves our morning coffee with real sugar and real half & half. If you take away one thing from this post, please stop using CoffeeMate Creamer. It is literal shit. Full of chemicals and partially hydrogenated oils that will kill you. Look it up.
And the gym: Mon, Tues, SKIP WEDNESDAY, Thurs & Friday. Weekends OFF.
When I fail to meet all these things, I'll be gracious to myself and allow for bad days, mistakes and laziness. Then I'll get back up and start over.
*Want to see some examples of Clean Eating? Follow my Pinterest Board "Clean Healthy Eating"

I love this picture. The man is like, "Oh! You made bread! Thank you honey." and her face is like, "I was going to eat that whole loaf myself but you came home early. heh. Sure, help yourself."

I'm going to try and put myself out there in a variety of ways. I have lots to say, lots to write about and I have this blog just sitting here as well as the Night Worms blog so between me, Ashley (my partner in crime) and the Night Worms Review Team, we're coming at 2020 HARD. We've been talking about it and we are NOT just a book review blog. We have so much more up our sleeves, you don't even know (It won't be another podcast! Sweet baby Moses in a basket. Too many podcasts)
So get ready! Put your goggles on because we're over here full of ideas to blow shit up! This counts as a goal, yeah? I think so. Yeah!
I'm an entrepreneur. I never stop hustling. I always think, "How can we blow that up?!" How can turn my passion into a career? How can this do more? Can that get more traction? Is this too bland? Can we SPICE it up?? Reviews are VANILLA how can they taste more like Ice Cream people want to bathe in?? Hmmmm.... 

*actual picture of me thinking of how to take horror to the next level.

Okay, well, that's my goals schmoals.
I hope something sparked a little flame of an idea that will grow into a forest fire. Or a kernel of truth that will birth a whole garden.
2020 is gonna be bad ass.

One more thing:

Some more Florence Given. Seriously, do better at this. All of us.